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PG Diploma in Mobile Computing (PG-DMC)

OS Concepts: Introduction to Operating System, Processes Architecture, Multithreading, CPU Scheduling and Synchronization, Memory management

Linux Programming: Introduction Linux Architecture, Basic Commands, Linux Shell Programming.

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Need of RDBMS Client/Server, Computing Codd’s Rules, Data Models, Normalization Techniques, ER Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, SQL: DDL, DML, DCL, Sub query Joins, SQL Functions, Stored Procedures, NoSQL concepts, Introduction to MongoDB.

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OOPS: Introduction to OOPs concepts, Classes and Objects, Access specifiers, Namespaces and Tokens, Abstraction, Data hiding, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance

Core Java: Java 8 and its features, Introduction to JDK, JRE &JVM, JVM Architecture Overview, Data types, Variables, Constants, Operators, Arrays and control statements (if, for, while, switch etc.). Classes in java, Constructors, instance data, method overloading and overriding, super and this keyword, static variables, methods, block and scope, lifetime. Packages and access rules, Inheritance and its types, Runtime and Compile Time Polymorphism, Abstract classes and Interfaces, Inner classes, Exception Handling, String and Wrapper classes, Generics and Collections, File Handling and Multithreading, Reflection, Java n/w programming, JDBC Driver and Architecture.

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Introduction to STL (Standard Type Libraries), Define the problem, Find Creative Solutions using creativity tools, Evaluate and Select solution, Implementing Decisions, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Analyzing time and space complexity.

Basic Data Structures: Arrays, Stacks, Queues (Circular Queues, Priority Queues, Dequeues), Linked lists (Single, Double and Circular Linked Lists), 

Trees and Applications: Tree traversals, Ordered Trees, Binary trees, Complete Binary Trees, Search trees, Binary Search Trees, Self-Balancing Trees

Searching & sorting algorithms: Sequential Search, Binary Search, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Bubble sort, Heap sort, Merge sort, Quick sort, Hash Functions and Hash Tables

Graph and Applications: Graph traversal algorithms (BFS, DFS), Dijkstra’s Algorithm, Bellman Ford Algorithm, All-pairs shortest path, Floyd-Warshall algorithm, Johnson's algorithm, Maximum flow algorithms, Ford-Fulkerson algorithms, Spanning Trees.

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Introduction to JSON, Servlets, Session Management, JSP and JSTL, MVC Architecture Hibernate framework, ORM Concepts, JPA, Hibernate architecture, Annotation support and ID generators. Transaction management, Hibernate Session CRUD API, Hibernate caching,

HQL, Spring framework, Overview, IOC, Dependency Injection, Spring Beans, Spring Core Container, Autowiring, Web application using Controller, Service & DTO layers, Spring Hibernate Integration and Testing, Web Services, REST Architecture, RESTful web service using Spring Boot, Integration and Testing of RESTful web server and client, Java Mail API.

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i.        Android Programming (110 Hrs)

Introduction of Android and its architecture, Android SDK features, Introduction to Kotlin      Programming, Android activities, lifecycle and callback methods, Android UI design    fundamentals, Layouts, Intents, Toast, Adapters, Dialogs , Animations, Notification and Media Player, Material Design, Fragments , fragments lifecycle and callback methods.List View and  Recycler view, ActionBar, ToolBar, Menus and Popups, View Pager, Navigation Drawer Android Storage: SQLite database,Content Providers, Multitasking in Android, Android Location based services, Android Sensors, Using blue tooth and telephony Consuming REST API , JSON Parsing, Retrofit Libraries, Integration with Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter etc , Design Patterns- MVP and MVVM, Publish application on play store.

ii.        iOS Programming (50 Hrs)

iOS History and iOS Architecture, Swift Programming Basics, iOS app development: XCode, UIKit, Controllers, Storyboard, Basic UI Controls, UITextField, UIButton, UILabel, UISegmentedControl, Controller Life Cycle, UINavigationController, UIAlertController, Advance UI Development, Local Storage, REST API Integration:  Multithreading and GCD, CocoaPods, JSON GET POST Handling, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON.

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Introduction to Hybrid development, Hybrid application frameworks, HTML 5.0, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, Responsive Web Design, React Native: Introduction to React Native and its architecture.

Props and states, Inline and External styling, React native binding, handling events and user inputs, validations, using network in app, Timers, Animations and Gesture Support, Consuming web services, Publishing App to Play Store and App Store.

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Aptitude: Percentage, Profit & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Mixture & Allegation, Simple Interest & Compound Interest,   Seating Arrangements (Linear & Circular), Ages, Time, Speed & Distance, Trains, Boats & Streams, Time & Work, Wages (Man days), Pipes & Cisterns, Clocks, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, 

Effective Communication: Personality Development, English Grammar, Correct Usage of English,  Listening Skills, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Formal Application Writing, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Group Discussions, Personal Interviews

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Software: A Process, Various Phases in s/w development Software life cycle agile model (Self Study of other models), Introduction to Coding Standards Software Quality Assurance.

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