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C++ and Data Structure

Course Name : C++ and Data Structure

Batch Schedule : 02-Jul-2018   To   23-Jul-2018

Timings : 10:00am   To  5:00pm

Fees : Rs. 7,500/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Class : Classification of languages, struct in C and C++, access specifier , class, object and their characteristics, this pointer, Constructor and its type, const data member and function
  • References : references, namespace, Default arguments, Inline functions
  • Exceptions : exception handling, exception specification list, unexpected(), terminate() & abort()
  • Memory Alloc : dynamic memory allocation and deallocation, destructor Shallow copy and deep copy, Copy constructor
  • Static : static data member, member function, Singleton class, function overloading
  • Operator : Concepts & Limitations, Arithmetic, Relational,Short hand and unary  operator overloading Friend function & class, Operator overloading <<&>>, Assign operator
  • OOP : OOP major and minor pillars
  • Composition : Composition [aggregation and association], Constructor execution
  • Inheritance : Inheritance basics, mode and types of inheritance, diamond problem and virtual inheritance
  • Polymorphism : Object slicing, upcasting and downcasting, virtual function, function overriding v-table and v-ptr,virtual ctor and dtor, pure virtual function & abstract class, interface
  • Casting : RTTI and casting operators[static_cast, dynamic_cast, const_cast and reinterpret_cast]
  • Operator Adv : Index operator, Function object, Smart pointer, Conversion functions
  • Template : Function template, class template, Type parameter
  • STL : STL containers, algorithms & iterators
  • Streams : File handling in C++, IO manipulators
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  • Problem solving techniques - Divide & Conquer strategy, Greedy approach, Dynamic programming, Backtracking.
  • Analysis of Algorithms, Time Complexity, Space Complexity.
  • Linear search, Binary search, Selection sort, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort, Merge sort, Heap Sort.
  • Linked List Intro, Singly Linear Linked List, Singly Circular Linked List, Doubly Linear Linked List, Doubly Circular Linked List, Advanced Linked List Operations, Linked List Applications.
  • Queue Intro, Linear Queue, Circular Queue, Dequeue, Priority Queue, Queue Applications.
  • Stack Intro, Stack and Stack Applications - Infix, Prefix, Postfix expression conversions & evaluation.
  •  C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction.
  • Graph Intro, Graph Terminologies, Graph Applications, Adjacency Matrix  Implementation, Adjacency List Implementation, Breadth First & Depth First Search, Path Length, Check Connectedness, Spanning Trees, Prim's Min Spanning Tree Algo, Kruskal's Min Spanning Tree Algo, Dijkstra's      Shortest Path Algo, Bellman Ford's Shortest Path Algo, Warshal Floyd All  Pair Shortest Path Algo, Johnson's Algo, A* Search Algo.
  • Hashing Intro, Open Addressing Implementation, Chaining Implementation, Hashing Applications.
  • Trees Intro, Trees Terminologies, Trees Types, Binary Search Tree Implementation, Recursive & Non-Recursive Traversal, Heap Implementation, BST Balancing, AVL Tree Implementation, Tree  applications.
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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 CPP-DS05 02-Jul-2018 23-Jul-2018 10:00   To  5:00
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