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About us

At Sunbeam we believe retaining a competitive edge is imperative for any individual in today's professional world. Companies are restructuring their organizations & reengineering their business processes. Not only have the challenges become more demanding, but also the rewards of staying at the forefront seem to be promising.

In this scenario, technical & personal skills which provide effective solutions & time critical support are of principal significance for the long term growth of professionals. Sunbeam's expertise in effectively delivering training, solutions & services has made it a favored institution to many students & professionals focused on an aggressive career growth strategy.

Sunbeam's proven track record in bringing about effective transformations in individuals is backed by a solid understanding of rapidly changing needs of the industry & the global business scenario.Sunbeam's success has been built on its comprehensively researched, innovative training methodologies, deployment of technology and an emphasis on transformational & industry relevant programs offering value added services to its clients. A young and dynamic management team and carefully recruited and trained staff members drive Sunbeam's business vision & have established strong credentials in a short span of time.

Sunbeam Group's expertise in effectively delivering training & solutions has made it a favored associate to many establishments focused on aggressive growth strategies.Since it's humble beginnings in the late 90's Sunbeam Group has today,evolved into a multi technology, multi location competency center with IT professionals capable of delivering high-end technological training & solutions in diverse modes. Their expertise in various IT fields has made Sunbeam Group a premium turnkey solution provider.

The Group's success has been built

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