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C++ Programming

Course Name:C++ Programming
Duration: 15 Days
Fees: Rs. 5500/-
Batch Schedule: Everyday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM [Alternate day Lecture & Labs]
  • Create and execute object-oriented programs using C++ language
  • Process data using I/O Streams

  • Overload some basic operators using operator overloading technique
  • Use exception handling to avoid run time errors

  • Extend C++ classes to add more functionality
  • Create templates for generic programming
  • Perform late binding using inheritance & virtual functions
  • Use in-built classes in Standard Template Library
  • Create and execute Object-oriented Programs using C++ Language
  • C Programming Fundamentals
  • Students & Freshers

Syllabi for this Course

  • Class:
    Classification of languages, struct in C and C++, access specifier , class, object and their
    characteristics,this pointer, Constructor and its type, const data member and function
  • References:
    references, namespace, Default arguments, Inline functions
  • Exceptions:
    exception handling, exception specification list, unexpected(), terminate() & abort()
  • Memory Alloc:
    dynamic memory allocation and deallocation,destructor Shallow copy and deep copy, Copy constructor
  • Static:
    static data member, member funtion, Singleton class, function overloading
  • Operator:
    Concepts & Limitations, Arithmetic,Relational,Short hand and uniary operator overloading
    Friend function & class, Operator overloading << & >>, Assign operator
  • OOP:
    OOP major and minor pillars
  • Composition:
    Composition [aggregation and association], Constructor execution
  • Inheritance:
    Inheritance basics, mode and types of inheritance, diamond problem and virtual inheritance
  • Polymorphism:
    Object slicing, upcasting and downcasting, virtual function, function overriding
    v-table and v-ptr,virtual ctor and dtor, pure virtual function & abstract class, interface
  • Casting:
    RTTI and casting operators[static_cast, dynamic_cast, const_cast and reinterpret_cast]
  • Operator Adv:Index operator, Function object, Smart pointer, Conversion functions
  • Template:Function template, class template, Type parameter
  • STL:STL containers, algorithms & iterators
  • Streams:File handling in C++, IO manipulators

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