02164 - 225500(Karad)


Data Structures

Course Name:Data Structures
Batch Schedule: 2 Weeks Regular (Mon-Fri): Everyday 9:00 to 5:00 PM
Duration:80 Hrs.
Fees: ₹ 4,500/- (Incl GST @ 18%).
  • Adhere to C-DAC Course Data Structure module.
  • Learn from Sunbeam C-DAC Faculty of Data Structure.

  • Fully practical/coding oriented approach.
  • C-DAC Course aspirants, Students, Freshers
  • Problem solving techniques – Divide & Conquer strategy, Greedy approach, Dynamic programming,
  • Analysis of Algorithms, Time Complexity, Space Complexity.
  • Linear search, Binary search, Selection sort, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort, Merge sort, Heap Sort.
  • Linked List Intro, Singly Linear Linked List, Singly Circular Linked List, Doubly Linear Linked List, Doubly
    Circular Linked List, Advanced Linked List Operations, Linked List Applications.
  • Queue Intro, Linear Queue, Circular Queue, Dequeue, Priority Queue, Queue Applications.
  • Stack Intro, Stack and Stack Applications - Infix, Prefix, Postfix expression conversions & evaluation.
  • C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction.
  • Graph Intro, Graph Terminologies, Graph Applications, Adjacency Matrix Implementation, Adjacency List
    Implementation, Breadth First & Depth First Search, Path Length, Check Connectedness, Spanning Trees,
    Prim's Min Spanning Tree Algo, Kruskal's Min Spanning Tree Algo, Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algo, Bellman
    Ford's Shortest Path Algo, Warshal Floyd All Pair Shortest Path Algo, Johnson's Algo, A* Search Algo.
  • Hashing Intro, Open Addressing Implementation, Chaining Implementation, Hashing Applications.
  • Trees Intro, Trees Terminologies, Trees Types, Binary Search Tree Implementation, Recursive & Non-Recursive
    Traversal, Heap Implementation, BST Balancing, AVL Tree Implementation, Tree applications.

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