02164 - 225500(Karad)


Advanced Java Course

Course Name: Advanced Java
Duration: 72 hours
Fees: Rs. 8000/-
Batch Schedule: Weekend batch - Sat & Sun (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
  • Construct a Web Application using Servlets
  • Construct an asynchronous
    enterprise application using
    Message-Driven Beans

  • Construct a Web application using Java Server Pages
  • Map java inheritance hierarchy
    with database tables
    using various mapping techniques.

  • Construct an enterprise application using Session Beans
  • Persist different types of

  • Construct an enterprise application using Entity Beans linked with Database
  • Fetch data effectively from
    database using traditional SQL
    and Hibernate Query Language

  • OOPs, Java Syntax, JDBC, Web programming fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JS frameworks)
  • Students, Freshers, Professionals willing to switch to Spring & Hibernate

Syllabi for this Course

  • JDBC:
    Architecture, Driver Types, DriverManager, Connection, Statement, ResultSet
    Prepared & Callable Statements, CachedRowSet, DataSource, Transactions, Dao Impl
  • Servlets:
    Annotations Intro, HTTP protocol, Request Response model, Servlet Classes, Life cycle
    Exception handling, init param, Load on startup
    State management - Session, Cookie, Query String, Hidden Fields
    Http redirection, Request Dispatcher, Listener, Filters,
  • JSP:
    Intro, JSP syntax, life cycle, Implicit objects, JSP actions, Error pages
    Java beans, EL, Custom tags, JSTL, Model I & II architecture
    JSP servlet MVC architecture, using CSS & JS with JSP pages, Web application deployment
  • JSF:
    Introduction, Architecture & Page Life Cycle, Managed Beans
    JSF simple tags, Validations, Event handling, Navigation, EL.
    View params, JSF Ajax, Data tables

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